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Professional quality oral care products for everyone

Designed by a dentist. Piksters range of products are recommended, and used by dental professionals, and are perfect for you and your family.

Piksters Interdental Brushes

Interdental Brushes

Piksters interdental brushes are recommended by dentists and hygienists because of their superior cleaning ability.


NEW Plaque GLO

Toothpaste and torch system to highlight plaque under a blue light. No more red mess!

Piksters toothpicks and flosses

Toothpicks and Flosses

For the times when an interdental brush is not appropriate, Piksters offers a range of toothpicks and flosses.


Foamies Protective Eyewear

So comfortable and lightweight. Foamies won't dig into the nose, or slide and move around.


Master Wedge

The world's first RUBBER CORE cut down wedge. Compresses on insertion to move teeth apart.


How to use and care for your Pikster

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We prefer Piksters because they have the best range of sizes from all the brands of Interdental Brushes we have tried. Also we have experienced less buckling with Piksters, therefore being a lot more durable than most others.

Dr Nikki

I absolutely love Piksters. They are the “best thing since sliced bread” as they say.  I no longer have to endure the pain and embarrassment of having my teeth descaled so often by my dentist.  I used to suffer terribly from gingivitis but since using Piksters my gums are much healthier.


Piksters are better than any other brand of interdental brush I have used on myself & my patients, they are most effective for all types of patient requirements & very beneficial to have in the dental industry

Dr Mansour

I have been suffering from Periodontitis for the past 20 years and thanks to being introduced to Piksters Interdental Brushes one year ago, my condition has improved dramatically.


 I have some 'tight' teeth, and have struggled for years cleaning the small gaps. Then I came across your Piksters SuperGrip.  Best discovery I have made for years.